What Makes Us Unique?


I had great teachers.

My father was a professional chef who, with help and culinary support from my mother, managed restaurants for many years. I was an observant child and I inherited some wonderful culinary talents from my folks.  I'm happy to pass on the benefits of those lessons to you.  


Baked Goods For Delivery

Culinary Hugs is unique in many ways.  We offer award winning baked goods with the option of arranging for personal delivery.  In lieu of  flowers, send a "Culinary Hug!"


Just like Mom or Grandma baked it!

As your baker, aka "the Pie Queen, " I put loving care into every single thing I bake. And since I am a mother and a grandmother, it will definitely taste more authentic than anything you can get at a commercial bakery. Culinary Hugs tastes like home.